Nospot is unique combination of esterified fatty acids for shrimp. The product improves the technical performance of the shrimp (both daily growth and feed conversion ratio) and helps to protect against the consequences of White Spot Syndrome Virus infection.


The remarkable growth of shrimp farming production in the last four decades required, among others, the intensification of the culture systems. However, this also led to the emergence of serious infectious diseases such as White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV). Since its appearance in 1992, WSSV provokes yearly high economic losses worldwide.

Proviron developed a feed additive capable of controlling shrimp mortality due to WSSV infection, by inactivating the virus in the gut of shrimp before it can infect the animal.

In vitro studies clearly demonstrated that specific esterified fatty acids have a strong antiviral activity towards WSSV. In vivo validation trials demonstrated that Nospot also presents an antiviral activity when fed to shrimp, shown by the reduction of WSSV-provoked mortality. On top of the reduced mortality the incorporation of Nospot in shrimp feed results in a significant improved feed conversion ratio.


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